There are more and more moms becoming stay at home moms, which means that they are staying at home and the main thing they do is looking after their children.

Nowadays, more and more moms are becoming stay at home moms which means that they need stay at home for a whole day, and just do one thing, that is looking after their children. However, there are a lot of different voices about this issue. Some people say that this is a great job with honor, moms make a lot of sacrifice, they can not do what they want to do because they need to look after their children all the time, as well as make dinner for the whole family, they pour their whole energy and heart to take care of this family; but there are also some negative voices about this issue, they say these stay at home moms are lazy and they can not make any contribution to this society, besides, this kind of education from stay at home moms will not be good, and there are a lot of negative voices about raising children at home.

In 1967, there were a lot of families with a working husband and a stay at home mom. Some recent researches say that there are a number of women becoming stay at home moms, and the number of that is increasing.

The number of stay at home moms is up 6% from 1999, though there are 71% of moms doing work outside of the home. However, these numbers are not important, it should not be out of guilt or peer pressure for you to quit your job and become a stay at home mom. Everyone can quit their job and become a stay at home mom, and there are so many reasons, but a stay at home mom is not for everyone.

At-Home Parents can Benefit both Older Kids and Younger Ones.

A lot of studies show that stay at home parents are benefit younger kids, in other words, it is good for the early years of a child’s life. One of these studies show that the educational performance of the kid who was educated by his parents in the early time is better. Now, even home schoolers need to know something about education children at the early time of their life.

The students who are taught by home schoolers generally score 15 to 30 percentile points than the ones who study in  public school, which shows the importance of at-home parents’ education. Besides, on the ACT and SAT tests, they always achieve scores above average scores.

For the children who have a parent at home, there are an academic edge over their peers who don’t have a parent at home, it doesn’t matter that you’re an at-home parent or you just at home when you children get off the bus after school, and it doesn’t matter whether you stay home or work, if parents involve in schools, they must effect child’s academic performance as well as how long she actually stays in school.

Behavioral Problems in Child Care

Some studies show that it is better to be home with your children than stay at home with your children in the early time of their life.

A lot of Stay at Home Moms Want to Go Back to Work

You are not alone if you want to go back to work instead of staying at home, there are 57% of moms who want to go back to work someday.

When you decide to go back to work, you can not just start a new job, or you can not even find one. There is a big employment gap between you and other women who are working. Before you start to find a job, you need to do something for preparing. You can take some classes that can help you step in the working flied again. You can take the classes that any woman get ahead in the working world, it will help you a lot before you go back to work. Besides, some licenses or certificates will help you a lot when you are looking for jobs.

Stay at Home Moms Spend Too Much Time With Their Children

   These stay at home moms will always spend too much time with their children, so they do not have enough spare time to do what they want to do, they do not have time to get together with their friends, they do not have time to company with their husbands. It is very important for them to find the balance in their marriage and daily lives, this is not only for the men, but also for the women.

You need to create a free zone, this time is just for you, and you can not be distracted about your children, so some private time is much more important for women, especially for the stay at home moms.

So, there are a lot of different voices about stay at home moms, they may become the bottom group of this world. However, they might be the greatest group of this world, because the early time of children’s life is the most important, the education in their 3-year-old will decide what he is going to do in their 80s, and the most important part of their early time of their life is the at-home parents. They need to raise their children and educate them, they need to make a lot of sacrifice to help their children grow up. So if an at-home parent want to go back to work, do not stop them, just help them, they may just want to do something which can really make their life meaningful, and want to do themselves. But remember that, before you want to go back to work, the balance between your work and your family is much more important to take care of.