Increase in the Number of Women of Steel

The Amount of girls working in the steel Business has been growing which was basically considered man dominated field. And this phenomenon has labeled them women of steel. ArcelorMittal, the biggest steelmaker in the world and the biggest in Northwest Indiana, has been actively attempting to attract more girls within the area, recruiting more female engineers, and grooming girls for advancement. These women are seen to have more skills than the male counterparts to the point that industry analysts are contemplating on considering the Industry a unisex Industry.

women of steel

“I Think steel is considered traditionally male, but we’re doing a lot to expose more females to the industry, and get the word out that it’s a vibrant growing industry,” Gargas-South states. The industry had women in the past who were more inclined in the office work and other activities that required less physical strength. Women are becoming more and more technical on how to make steel. This is the best for the industry as we will see more and more developments.

ArcelorMittal sends its own female engineers outside to give talks in engineering schools like Purdue University, the Ohio State University, Penn State University, and the Colorado Schools of Mines. The business dispatches agents to middle schools and high schools to attempt and get more pupils, such as females, interested in science, engineering, mathematics, in addition to in careers in the steel market. They also speak to recognized female engineers at the Society of Women Engineers to present them into the steel business and the opportunities which are out there.

women of steel

Women in steel Industry have a bright future in the largely considered a men domain and we are wishing that this will spill over to all industries. Never again will the women be confined within the kitchen walls.

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